Our Trips

A bit apprehensive?  That's okay.  Many of our participants are new to outdoor sports, fewer still have ever gone camping. Our programs are designed to accommodate all skill levels and we strongly encourage beginners!

Living with an illness can be very emotionally and physically draining. The psychological toll itself is huge. Healing Waters Wilderness Adventures exists to help its participants step outside from all of that, if only briefly. We offer incredibly fun weekend and weekday trips open to people living with HIV and AIDS.

Our trips have been designed specifically with the special needs of individuals living with HIV/AIDS in mind. For low fees, we are able to provide transportation, insurance, accommodation (tents, sleeping bags and pads), equipment, instruction, and any warm clothing you may need including rain jackets, wool socks, and much more. The meals we provide are specially designed to be high in protein and nutritionally balanced as well. We also welcome caregivers and partners on our trips regardless of their HIV status, for the same low price. 

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