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Cale’s Story

In 1996, Cale Siler was exposed to the HIV virus. He experienced what appeared to be the symptoms of HIV disease shortly thereafter and believed that he had contracted HIV.

For six long months he experienced the fear, depression and isolation that are often associated with living with HIV. After six months had gone by, he was tested for the HIV virus and tested negative. On the day that he tested negative Cale decided to fight the debilitating psychological and emotional effects of AIDS which he had so intimately experienced.

Cale organized a raft trip on the South Fork of the American River for people with AIDS. Equipment was borrowed and funds were raised to make the trip happen. The trip was an incredible success and for one weekend, the debilitating psychological, emotional and spiritual effects of AIDS were kept at bay. Heartfelt thank you letters came in describing how wonderful and beneficial the trip had been. The trip was so successful that more trips were planned, and Healing Waters was created.