Birthday Bash was a Success!

Thank you to everyone who braved the storm and came out to celebrate our 20th year of empowering, inspiring, and enriching the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS. Your support means that we can keep providing the wilderness adventures that mean so much to our participants.

For example, a couple of days after the party, I joined our overnight kayaking trip on Tomales Bay. Standing on the beach in the morning, one participant told me that Healing Waters is like a doctor, keeping me healthy, except you heal what doctors can't touch. You heal the heart and the mind. He'd never camped or kayaked before, but he challenged himself and accessed strength he didn't know he had. It was an honor to witness.

Events like the Birthday Bash help us keep these programs going, so we're thrilled that you came out and had such a great time supporting our mission. 

BIG SPLASHY THANKS to all of our generous donors who created and gave us items for the auction; to the volunteers who worked so hard to make the event a success; to Kim Lembo and Heklina who performed; Club Balançoire; and our intrepid photographer, Jack Follansbee. 

Speaking of photographs...Here's the the link to all of the photo booth pictures! You all look FABULOUS!

We're not done! Keep an eye out on our  and facebook page for more fun events, including the Sunday Beer Bust at the Eagle on 11/20 and Heklina's Golden Girls Show on 12/1. 

You can support our work in a number of ways.We're always looking for new volunteers to help out in the office, on the water, and everywhere in between! If you'd like to spend some time with us, please reply to this email with your interest.

If you'd like to support Healing Waters with a donation, click HERE.