Organizational Update

On behalf of the Healing Waters board of directors, we would like to take this opportunity to notify our dedicated volunteers, valued collaborators, as well as the general public of some recent staffing changes within the organization.
As we head into the holiday season and look back over our exciting 20th year, we are finding plenty to feel thankful for. Given the ongoing current events, we appreciate the need to unite in optimism and gratitude for our community.
We set out this year to refresh the organization: to update our systems and processes, regain financial stability, and engage with our communities in new ways. To meet these goals, the board decided to bring Amanda Aymar on as Executive Director. Since joining Healing Waters in the spring, Amanda has worked hard to achieve many of our milestones. She has played a vital role in significantly reducing our operating expenses, recruiting new board members and volunteers, and seeking out new funding sources. Through our website, emails, and social media, Amanda has increased engagement with our communities in new and expanded ways. Her research and networking efforts have brought us new participants and possibilities from groups we haven't served before. She's also written grants, created relationships with foundations and corporate giving opportunities, and created a calendar of successful fundraising events that our donors, participants, and volunteers will look forward to each year.
With these processes and relationships in place, and our financial health more secure than it's been in many years, much of the work Amanda set out to do is now complete. In the coming weeks, she will be transitioning her work to the newly-created committees that will keep the momentum going. We are confident that the board members who will chair these committees, along with our dedicated volunteers, will be successful in continuing the work that Amanda has begun, and keep reaching the goals she has set for the organization.
Thanks to Amanda’s vision, skill, and leadership, Healing Waters has been able to gain financial stability, become organizationally strong and able to continue the positive impact our programs have on our participants’ lives. We are grateful for Amanda’s long-lasting contributions and wish her the very best as she transitions from Healing Waters to embark on the next chapter of her life.
Amanda will remain with the organization until December 15th, 2016 to ensure a smooth and successful transition from her role. The board of directors will plan for additional infrastructure to support our Program Director, Delton Johnson, as we prepare for the 2017 season. We seek input from our community and stakeholders and will share information and updates.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the board co-chairs, TJ Lee-Miyaki, and Todd Aghazadeh